In every organization, it is important to have a system that can unify the various operations and activities of the company’s departments in one place. ERP systems facilitate the management and automation of organizational processes in the areas of finance, production, sales, supply chains, human resources, and operations. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers insights to company management and the employees, streamlines business processes, enhances decision-making, and eliminates data silos by integrating information from various departments. 

Reeltech Business Solutions, a Microsoft partner, has a plethora of successful implementations of Dynamics 365 solutions across organizations from different industries and geographical locations.

ERP Implementation

It is important to have a comprehensive grasp of the business needs, processes, and operations in order to effectively exploit the possibilities of Dynamics 365 ERP solutions. 

Implementation is a detailed process. 

At Reeltech Business Solutions, our functional consultants and project management team collaborate with our clients and their process owners to design and re-design a system that is uniquely tailored to the needs of your organization.

High-level Customization

For enterprises, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP systems are 98 percent ideal. This final 2 percent can only be accomplished by the implementation team and the client. Customizing the system to your particular business needs is the final piece that completes your system.

At Reeltech Business Solutions, our team of technical and functional consultants is capable of transforming, re-designing, and re-defining the system to meet ONLY your organization’s requirements.

Upgrades & Migration

Systems become obsolete, procedures become inefficient, profits decline, and the business fails. 

At Reeltech Business Solutions, we understand that it’s tough for our clients to keep up with changes in the world of IT. Our duty is to help you understand when, how and why you might require an upgrade or change of system.

If you are still using an older version of one or more of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Solutions, we can assist you with the upgrade to the most recent version.

While doing so, we ensure the integrity of your central database and existing procedures.


Our mission at Reeltech Business Solutions is to enlighten our clients on the true meaning and impact of digitalization. Our techniques are distinct from those of any other business solution provider or Microsoft consulting partner. Our experienced business analysts take the time to learn about your firm. Our project managers ensure that both the client and we, the vendor, are completely satisfied at every stage of the project. We are more than a Microsoft consulting firm; we are your business’s solution.

System Support
Reports Customization
Flexible Implementation Fee & Payment Structure
Data security
Impeccable Project Management

Features / Services

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution for small and mid-sized businesses. It connects your finances, operations, and sales service to automate business processes, improve customer interactions, and enable holistic growth.

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Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Dynamics 365 enables businesses to monitor the real-time performance of their financial operations. The platform employs AI to assist businesses in optimizing their financial operations. Organizations may automate time-consuming, repetitive operations using Dynamics 365 Finance.

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Pension Fund Administration Solution

Our Pension Solution is a comprehensive pension’s fund administration solution that is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The system offers a singular platform for managing all pension administration (i.e. Pension & Contribution Management, Financial and Fund Management, Customer Engagement, Benefits Payment etc.) business processes.

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Insurance Brokerage Solution

Our fully integrated Insurance Brokerage management solution with Financial Management, Fund Management, Customer Engagement modules can be easily integrated with third party web systems which also comes with standard and flexible reporting templates. 

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Human Resource Management Solution

Reeltech's Human Resource Management solution has a diverse set of functions and features to manage any industry's or organization's personnel management processes within the Nigerian business terrain. With capability to integrate with existing financial management solution, our HR management solution is suited to manage HR processes such as Employee records management, Recruitment, On-boarding etc.

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