Power Bi

Microsoft says, 

“Power BI, is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization, or embed them in your app or website.” The solution comprises several products and services, and value and versatility comes from leveraging the individual elements, and taking advantage of how they work together.

Reeltech Business Solutions understand,

Power BI is a collection of tried-and-true business analytics tools that offers appealing visualizations to provide vital business insights. This software is capable of connecting to thousands of data sources, streamlining data preparation, and providing driven analysis. You can generate meaningful reports and upload them for your business to view on the web and on mobile devices too, enabling better data-driven decision making.

Let us help you design the optimal Power BI Consulting and Implementation Strategy

Whether stored in the cloud or on-premises, your mission-critical queries can be answered with data. The data world is so complicated that quintessential BI solutions, linking various data sources, and processing business intelligence data are nothing short of daunting. Innovative businesses, such as Reeltech Business Solutions, collect the vast amount of available data required by your organization and create the most insightful of dashboards and interfaces for your operations, sales & marketing, industry trends, and so much more.

Business Insights on Demand

Reeltech Business Solutions provides in-depth understanding of the how, where, and why of designing unique Power BI solutions. With our team of experienced data engineers, we can carry out ETL(Extract, Load and Transform) processes and build data pipelines to automatically ingest data from multiple of internal and external sources by implementing APIs and seamless integrations with Microsoft Office Suite, Dynamics 365 Business Central, D365 Finance & Operations, Spark, Oracle, and Azure services, amongst many others. 

Our detailed development strategy guarantees your organization’s security, governance, and administration for all users.


What can Microsoft Power BI Consulting Do for You?

Power BI puts you, the business leader, in charge of data analysis and reporting, as opposed to relying on your IT department or other technical resources to execute sophisticated queries and reports that are often difficult to interpret by the technical team. You will be able to rapidly and efficiently extract and visualize your data in a manner that drives Insights + Action with Power BI consulting experience

Publish Reports Securely
No memory and speed constraints
No special technical knowledge required
Supports Advanced Data Services
Amazing AI Capabilities
Unparalleled Excel interoperation

Features / Services

A quick start

With a simple setup, no necessary training, and interactive dashboards for services such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Dynamics, you can gain insights instantly.

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Publication and distribution streamlined

Instead of emailing or placing big files on a share point, analysts upload reports and visualizations to the Power BI service, and their data is updated whenever the underlying dataset is modified

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Information is updated in real-time

As data is extracted or pulled from various sources, dashboards are updated in real time, allowing users to rapidly discover problems and possibilities. Real-time data and visuals can be displayed and updated in any report or dashboard

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Enable more sophisticated analytics using Excel's standard capabilities

Power BI's popular Power Pivot tools, such as clustering, forecasting, grouping, and fast measures, allow Excel users proficient in the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) mathematical language to go deeper into their data and uncover patterns more quickly

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Seamless Integration with Excel

A lesser-known benefit of using Power BI is its seamless integration with Excel, which eliminates the need of technical expertise to export data

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