Microsoft® OneDrive® is an industry-leading business collaboration platform that facilitates, connects, and enables business communities within and beyond the workplace. We can collaborate with your organization’s team to rapidly assess, design, launch, and integrate a collaborative solution. Our consulting services offer a tried-and-true ecosystem of people, processes, and solutions to meet all the criteria for a healthy collaborative environment.

Do More Wherever You Are

OneDrive stands out from other cloud-based storage platforms owing in part to its seamless integration with Office 365 packages, which make it easier to handle Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and more. Its integration with Office 365 allows robust security, ease of access and innovative features based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Document Sharing

OneDrive’s powerful document-sharing capabilities are an additional boost to business collaboration. There are a variety of options available for distributing files both internally and externally. Using link sharing, an internal and external audience can both see the same document. In order to limit dissemination, you might designate the document to require authentication. The expiration date function can be used if you need to make an external link visible to an external contributor but do not want that link to remain live indefinitely. You have the option of making your documents read-only or allowing the viewer to make changes.


OneDrive by Microsoft is more than simply a place to store files. The act of storing and exchanging files in the cloud is not new. . OneDrive stands out in a business context because of its seamless and automated integration with Office 365 applications. It simplifies the management of licenses, permits, and access, and also improves employee interaction.

Access files from anywhere
Real-time collaboration
OneDrive Mobile App
Scan documents
Recover files easily
Preview more than 300 file kinds

Features / Services

Amazing Web and App Experience

Microsoft has announced new upgrades that enable you to utilize your mobile device more efficiently. Android users will now be able to flag documents and access them offline, regardless of their location.

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Annotate PDFs from your Smartphone

You can now add inline annotations to PDF documents from your mobile device. PDFs will allow you to draw, highlight, and add comments. Excellent for mobile document review of large files.

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Files On-Demand

Microsoft's new OneDrive Files On-Demand feature allows users to view OneDrive-stored files without downloading them to their device. The functionality gives a uniform appearance and feel for both OneDrive and local files without requiring extra space on the local hard disk.

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Files Restore

The OneDrive Files Recovery function allows users to restore files to any point within the previous 30 days. OneDrive gives customers the ability to set the desired recovery time based on the file's activity. 

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Modern Attachments

Outlook is integrated with OneDrive to facilitate the sharing of OneDrive files that appear as email attachments. This tool delivers a familiar sharing experience, delivering collaborative features such as version control that are normally lost when users exchange documents via email.

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